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Exhibition of Western Electric Sound Equipments since 1930
@86-87amplifier + 594 + TA4181speaker system
A41, 42, 43 amplifier + 12A, 13A speaker system
B41, 42, 43, 46 amplifier + 16A speaker system + 15B speaker system
C757 monitor system
WuRLITZER 1015juke boximost populer in the u.s.a)
western record player system sp type (4A9AFf5A)D-86850
Neumann cutting machine


Telefunken 15Multi-tape-recorder
Jeff Rowland model-9T + Coherence
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those who may have ample time with no money or rich but too busy,
should come and see, hear, the sounds. (admission:free)
open at am8:00 untill pm6:00 requested a call in advance
am8:00 - pm6:00 TEL +81-28-637-1111
pm6:01 - am2:00 darlingpuyopuyo @ fujiii.o r g
as of farther information, contact me to darlingpuyopuyo @ fujiii.o r g
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Gallery WE13A
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TEL +81-28-637-1111
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